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In this EUCdigest podcast, Eric van Klaveren had the opportunity to have a chat with Andreas van Wingerden, Solution Architect at Liquidware. In this episode he explains how he moved…

S03E19.What Is Going On At Alludo

In this EUCdigest podcast episode Kees Baggerman and Jits Langedijk had the opportunity to have an entertaining chat with Chris Marks and Freek Berson. Both, Chris and Freek are well…

S03E18.ThrowDown - December 2022 (S03TD12)

Welcome to this episode of the EUCdigest ThrowDown. In the ThrowDown we’ll discuss and debate on the news of the past month in the EUC space:​ Is It Time To…

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EUCdigest the Podcast, which covers all kinds of EUC related topics. The main focus of our Podcasts always is EUC or closely related topics, like new and-or upcoming technologies and product releases, events, interviews, acquisitions, education, solutions, surveys, books, blogs, and much, much more.


“It was blast to podcast with my old friends again! How does the current #pandemic influence #EUC? How will we work when everything returns to normal? Great converstation with @EricvanKlaveren and @JRLangedijk”

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