S03E18.ThrowDown – December 2022 (S03TD12)

Welcome to this episode of the EUCdigest ThrowDown. In the ThrowDown we’ll discuss and debate on the news of the past month in the EUC space:​

  • Is It Time To Ditch LastPass?​
  • NSA Says, Chinese Hackers Are Exploiting A Zero-Day Bug In Popular (Citrix) Networking Gear​
  • The Father of The Creative Sound Blaster Has Passed Away​
  • IGEL Stops With Hardware And New Announcements Are Coming to IGEL Disrupt Munich​
  • Top AI Conference Bans Use of ChatGPT and AI-Language Tools To Write Academic Papers​
  • Microsoft Is Reportedly Building A Version of Bing That Uses The Tech Behind ChatGPT​
  • Conversation Is The Ultimate User Interface​
  • Large Tech Companies Announce Layoffs​
  • Salesforce Benioff Reported New Employees Hired During The Pandemic Are Less Productive​
  • The Work-From-Anywhere War Is Beginning​
  • On The CES mutalk Get Introduced ​(https://en.shiftall.net/products/mutalk)
  • Meta Acquires Luxexcel​
  • GitHub Announced CodeSpace on GitHub Universe 2022​
  • Microsoft To Roll Out ‘Data Boundary’ For EU Customers

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Ingmar Verheij – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ingmarverheij/
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